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Olivieri Dental Care – Professional & Personable - We Welcome All New Patients

Welcome to our office where we want you to receive prompt and friendly professional care for your important problems. At Olivieri Dental Care, we understand that for some individuals a trip to the dentist is a stressful occasion. That’s why our family dentistry provides an open and personable experience for our patients. We look to gain your trust, focusing on your individual needs, and giving you the opportunity to ask questions and set your mind at ease.

At Olivieri Dental Care, we provide a broad scope of general dental services for children, teens, and adults of all ages. The services we offer range from patient-specific oral hygiene maintenance programs, restorative treatment (with drill-less technique), prosthetics, and cosmetic dentistry to root canal treatment, periodontal treatment (with laser therapy), and wisdom teeth extractions.

Located in east Hamilton and serving the greater Hamilton and surrounding area, our family practice was founded by Dr. Anthony P. Olivieri over 35 years ago. Working with established techniques and at times applying newer ones, Dr. Olivieri(s) will let you know up front the state of your oral health, what issues have surfaced, and how best to address those problems. And, they will create a customized treatment plan that best addresses your specific needs.

New patients are warmly welcomed. Schedule an appointment with Olivieri Dental Care today.