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Preventative & Endodontics

Maintain Your Teeth’s Health with Preventative Dentistry & Restorative Services in Hamilton

Preventative Dentistry

At Olivieri Dental Care, we provide a variety of dental treatments designed to help you maintain the health and integrity of your smile and the overall health of your mouth. Through regular visits, as part of your patient-specific oral hygiene program, you have the opportunity to have problem areas identified that you would otherwise be unable to see or feel. If the problems are small enough, such as a cavity that is starting to form, interceptive treatments such as fluorides, remineralizing pastes, sealants, and preventive fillings may be used. These treatments are less costly and less invasive (i.e. no needles) than those treatments necessary to deal with a toothache. Sealants shallow-up the deep grooves of your teeth, preventing cavity-causing bacteria from getting into hard-to-clean areas. Fluoride gel toothpastes and fluoride varnishes provide a means to stop a cavity from getting larger, or even reverse them completely, preventing the need for a filling. Connect with our team for top-quality endodontic and preventative dentistry solutions in Hamilton.


When a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity that is not attended to, the infection can extend into the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. An infected tooth can be a major health risk; a pus pocket build-up may result around the roots, accompanied by pain and swelling. In the past, such a tooth was typically removed. Endodontic therapy, or root canal treatment, is a procedure typically completed in a single visit that allows us to save the tooth and avoid unsightly gaps, thus preserving the health of your mouth and the integrity of your smile. To ensure the longevity of the tooth, a filling and crown are recommended to complete the restoration of the “root-canalled” tooth.

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