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Before & After

A Full Range of Dental Treatments in Hamilton

At Olivieri Dental Care, we offer everything from restorative and cosmetic dentistry, to periodontal treatment, implants, and wisdom teeth extractions. Our aim is to deliver high-quality dentistry for your entire family in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere following a personalized approach. We emphasize maintaining optimal oral health through prevention and education. You can count on us to restore and rebuild your smile with ideal function and aesthetics.

Our friendly dentists strive to make the experience as stress-free for you as possible. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our clinic, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Before and After

Do you want to see the difference we make with our dentistry services? Check out the results that our patients have experienced after the treatment.

Case 1

Patient wanted to make the Right Front Tooth have the same shape as the left.


Before treatment of teeth


After treatment of teeth

Case 2

Patient wanted to “fix his bite” and close the gaps.

Before 1

Before Fixing the Bite-1

Before 2

Before Fixing the Bite-2

After 1

After Fixing the Bite-2

After 2

After Fixing the Bite-2

Case 3

Patient wanted to “get his smile back” and rebuild the teeth he had worn down.

Before 1

Before Full Mouth Rehab-1

Before 2

Before Full Mouth Rehab-1

After 1

After Full Mouth Rehab-2

After 2

After Full Mouth Rehab-1

Case 4

Patient’s large upper bridge was loose and he wanted to, “finally get everything fixed.”

Before 1

Before Full Mouth Rehabilitation-1

Before 2

Before Full Mouth Rehabilitation-2

After 1

Finished Full Mouth Rehabilitation-1

After 2

Finished Full Mouth Rehabilitation-3

Case 5

Patient wanted her two front teeth to be whiter and properly “veneered.”

Before 1

D.T-Before Esthetic Crowns-2

Before 2

D.T-Before Esthetic Crowns-1

After 1

D.T-After Esthetic Crowns-3

After 2

D.T-After Esthetic Crowns-2

Case 6

Patient needed to have her left front tooth taken out. A “Natural Tooth Bridge” was done so she wouldn’t have a space when the tooth was removed. The tooth root was amputated, and the visible part of the tooth was bonded to the teeth on either side, all in one visit.


A.S Prior to EXT (1)-natural tooth bridge

Immediately after

A view of teeth after treatment

2 weeks after

Perfectly aligned teeth

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