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Finances & Insurance

What You Need to Know about Our Finances & Insurance Policies

Our goal is not to let expense prevent you from benefiting from the quality of care you desire and need. To facilitate this, we will fully explain the financial costs of any treatment you have agreed to and explain the insurance benefits available through your work. We will also coordinate your submissions of insurance forms and accept assignment of insurance benefits where allowed. We are capable of direct electronic claim submission to expedite the insurance claims process. For expenses not covered by insurance plans, we can coordinate a low cost, long-term financial payment plan that is flexible enough to please most people.

We want to remind you that your insurance is a contract between you, your employer and your insurance carrier. We are not a party of that contract. As a courtesy to you, we accept assignment of benefits directly from your insurance company for their covered percentage of each procedure. Our practice is committed to providing the best treatment possible for each patient regardless of what the insurance covers. Our fees reflect what is usual and customary for our area.

The expected insurance benefit is based on the information we receive from you, your employer, and your insurance carrier. The payment(s) made by the insurance company may be different from the expected or unavailable due to changes in the plan, specific qualifying conditions, or due to the company’s arbitrary determination of the usual and customary rates. You, the patient, are responsible for full payment of the dental services received in this office.

We understand that your plans may sometimes change. So that we may offer all our patients the best service, please give our staff at least 24 hours’ notice should you wish to change or cancel an office visit. Not showing up for your appointment, or a same-day cancellation, does not allow us the time to re-plan our day, nor to be able to see anyone else who may need emergency care because that time had been reserved for you.

Where we have not received 24 hours’ notice, there is a missed appointment charge of $230.00. This is not covered by dental insurance.

Methods of Payment

  • Financial plans by arrangement
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Direct billing to insurance

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