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What Is Root Canal Treatment?

a lady who is suffering from the toothache

Global statistics show that 10% of all teeth are root canal-treated teeth. When you have an infected or abscessed tooth, your dentist may suggest root canal surgery as a course of treatment.

If this is your best option, you must address it immediately to alleviate pain and maintain your overall health. Keep reading to discover what a root canal is, how treatment works, and how you know a root canal is right for you.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a treatment that is effective and safe for teeth that have inflamed or infected pulp.

The first step in the treatment is to open the tooth by drilling a hole into it (just as if a cavity was being drilled) and to remove all of the injured/infected pulp tissue from within the entire tooth crown and root. This is the “canal system” of the tooth.

Once the root canal system is cleared of infected tissue, the next step is to disinfect the area. Once disinfected, the root canal system is filled and sealed with “gutta-percha.” This is a natural rubber-like material that prevents bacteria from growing.

A temporary or permanent filling seals the opening made in the tooth to prevent future infections.

Causes of Root Canal Infections

You may require root canal treatment if your tooth is fractured and that fracture extends into the pulp. If a tooth is hit with an incredible amount of force, this can also lead to a root canal infection because the nerve can be severed at the end of the root, and the tissue in the canal system dies.

Repeated dental procedures can also create stress for your tooth. Multiple treatments over a long period of time cause the tooth pulp to become inflamed, and the pulp tissue eventually dies.

Who Needs a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is highly recommended if you have significant pulpal damage in the tooth nerve or a sign of infection. Another reason is if you have a considerable cavity or a cracked tooth that exposes the pulp.

In such cases, bacteria can reach the pulp through the cavity or crack. If left untreated, it can lead to bone loss, a severe infection, and even tooth loss.

If you experience pulpal nerve damage from deep tooth decay, a cracked or fractured tooth, or a sports-related injury, you will need a root canal treatment to save the tooth. Signs of pulpal damage include pain while chewing, gum or facial swelling, oversensitivity to hot or cold drinks, discolouration, or the tooth appearing gray. Further, drainage from your tooth and tenderness in your gums can indicate that you need a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment in Hamilton

If you are experiencing pain when you eat or drink, have a cracked or chipped tooth, or know you have a significant cavity, see the dentist as soon as possible. Olivieri Dental Care is a multi-generational dental clinic founded in 1976 in Hamilton; we provide reliable root canal treatment and offer after-hours emergency dentistry.

Contact Olivieri Dental Care for root canal treatment today!


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